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Is it really confidential?

Yes, the Health & Safety Authority (HSA) and National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) will not have access to individual or organisational data at any stage of the process. Data generated by the survey will be used to establish new scoring benchmarks and gain a greater understanding of psychosocial working conditions nationally. Whether administered online or offline, employees complete the questionnaire anonymously.


What will you do with all the survey data that’s collected from organisations?

The data from all participating organisations will be collected and processed independently by Wellhub to produce standards for Work PositiveCI. This will enable organisations using the survey in future to benchmark their performance against sector-specific standards. Data obtained will provide a valuable and much-needed overview of psychosocial working conditions and employee wellbeing throughout Ireland, to aid academic research.


Can the Work PositiveCI surveys be administered offline?

Yes - the questionnaires may be downloaded and administered in a paper-based format.


I have administered the Work PositiveCI survey offline, using the paper based version of the questionnaire. How can I enter the data manually?

Click on your own Work PositiveCI survey weblink and input the data from one completed questionnaire and repeat the process until all surveys are entered.


My company is not based in Ireland can I still use the tool?

Yes. Click on the ‘non-Ireland’ region option during registration. Be aware that Work PositiveCI uses Irish scoring norms.


Is there a limit on the size of organisation or numbers that can take part?

No. Any organisation of any size may use Work PositiveCI.


Is it possible to add questions or amend the survey?

Yes, please contact Wellhub directly to discuss the options open to you. There is a charge for this extra work involved.