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The Measure stage involves profiling your organisation to identify and assess psychosocial risk. This stage involves:

  • Considering employee roles.
  • Running your Work PositiveCI survey.
  • Assessing workforce indicators.


Considering employee roles

Some employees can be exposed to varying degrees of work related stress and critical incident stress in their day-to-day role.

It is recommended that you take some time to assess this and consider your employees’ age, geographical location, occupational role and their working environment to identify unmet needs. For example, do your employees deal with conflict and/or emotionally intense work?

If employees are exposed to critical incidents it is recommended that the Job Content CI Audit is used to assess exposure. Guidance including a template for completing a Job Content CI Audit can be found in the link below.


Running your Work PositiveCI Survey

Earlier, as part of the Prepare Stage, the Steering Group would have decided on which employee survey the organisation intends to run. This is dependent on types of exposures within your organisation which may be work related stress or work related stress and critical incident stress.

To create a survey click 'Login' and follow the instructions from there.

Additional information you may wish to consider at this stage is set out below:


Assessing workforce indicators

There are certain workforce indicators (e.g. absenteeism, staff turnover, accident rates) that may point to an underlying issue of work related stress and/or critical incident stress within the organisation. It is recommended that time is set aside to assess these indicators with a view to setting targets as part of an overall action plan. For additional information on workforce indicators click here.