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Questionnaires may be downloaded using the below links and administered in a paper-and-pencil format, where required.



The process

The process is as follow:

  1. Work PositiveCI Coordinator links with leads in organisation and/or divisions – email PDF questionnaire, cover information and support contacts.
  2. Project leads in the organisation will print the appropriate number of questionnaires and supportive information for their employees (this can be broken down by division where necessary).
  3. The paper/printed version of the survey to be distributed with an unmarked sealable envelope attached, for completion by each staff member. The completed questionnaire is then inserted into the sealed envelope and returned to a secured specified place (locked cabinet or secured box) within the organisation.


It is essential that confidentiality and anonymity is maintained throughout this stage and employees should be confident that, whatever return policy is chosen by the organisation (general or individual return), will ensure that no information will be compromised.



Inputting the survey information

To manually input data from paper-and-pencil questionnaires, the process is as follows:

  1. Click on your own Work PositiveCI survey weblink and input the data from one completed questionnaire.
  2. Once you have finished inputting the responses for one employee, close down the window.
  3. You now need to click on the survey link again to open a new window, allowing you to enter the data for the next employee. Repeat for all employees.
  4. Your survey results are now ready to be viewed.


Filter questions with paper surveys

If you have added a filter question to your survey you will need to add the same filter question to your paper based version. A version of both surveys with an added sample filter question can be accessed using the below links.