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A business case may help understand the rationale for running Work PositiveCI within your organisation. It can also highlight commitment and actions required from groups. The business case could include:

  • Overview – highlight the key points of the business benefit – employee morale, absenteeism, occupational health offerings etc.
  • Background  – explain the current reasons for doing Work PositiveCI which may include:
  • Highlighting the current impact of psychosocial risks.
  • Give an overview of occupational stress.
  • Point to any actions within your workplace (e.g absence and employee turnover figures, complaints, incident data, return-to-work and exit interview data and any employee feedback from surveys, consultations, grievances or anecdotal comments).
  • Provide links to national/international research.
  • Highlighting compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, which places a duty on all employers to ensure the safety, health and welfare at work of their employees.
  • Solutions and Approach –  Introduce the Work PositiveCI process and give an explanation as to what may be involved. A summary of the steps involved including information on the survey options (i.e. Work PositiveCI Standard or Work PositiveCI) is helpful here. You might also explain how you plan to maintain ongoing communication with your stakeholders throughout the process.
  • Key benefits - highlight the benefits of Work PositiveCI (e.g. employee wellbeing and performance, organisational image and reputation).
  • Timescale – start and end date approximations.
  • Required resources – Provide a summary of the resources required e.g. employee time and the commitment needed from steering group and stakeholders.


Presenting your business case

When presenting your business case to your stakeholders remember to:

  • Explain what will be involved, how long it will take and what exactly you are asking for from this stakeholder group. It is essential that you begin to secure the resources you will need (in particular, staff time) to run the Work PositiveCI Project.
  • Explain how you plan to maintain ongoing communication with your stakeholders throughout the process.